Struct Subspace :: sus :: collections :: SliceIterMut

template <class ItemT>
struct SliceIterMut final
{ ... };

An iterator over a contiguous array of objects with mutable access to them.

This type is returned from Vec::iter_mut() and Slice::iter_mut() among others.

Static Methods

SliceIterMut(IterRef ref, sus::collections::SliceIterMut::RawItem* start, sus::usize len)


auto as_mut_slice() && -> sus::collections::SliceMut<sus::collections::SliceIterMut::RawItem>

Returns a mutable slice of the items left to be iterated, consuming the iterator.

auto exact_size_hint() const -> sus::usize

sus::iter::ExactSizeIterator trait.

auto next() -> Option<sus::collections::SliceIterMut::Item>
auto next_back() -> Option<sus::collections::SliceIterMut::Item>
auto size_hint() const -> SizeHint