Struct Subspace :: sus :: collections :: RChunksExact

template <class ItemT>
struct RChunksExact final
{ ... };

An iterator over a slice in (non-overlapping) chunks (chunk_size elements at a time), starting at the end of the slice.

When the slice len is not evenly divided by the chunk size, the last up to chunk_size-1 elements will be omitted but can be retrieved from the remainder function from the iterator.

This struct is created by the rchunks_exact() method on slices.


sus::iter::ExactSizeIterator trait.

auto next() -> Option<sus::collections::RChunksExact::Item>
auto next_back() -> Option<sus::collections::RChunksExact::Item>
auto remainder() const& -> sus::collections::RChunksExact::Item

Returns the remainder of the original slice that is not going to be returned by the iterator. The returned slice has at most chunk_size-1 elements.

auto size_hint() const -> SizeHint