Struct Subspace :: sus :: collections :: ArrayIntoIter

template <class ItemT, size_t N>
struct ArrayIntoIter final
{ ... };

An iterator that consumes an Array and returns the items from it.

This type is returned from Array::into_iter().

Static Data Members

static const sus::usize Size

Static Methods

ArrayIntoIter(sus::collections::Array<sus::collections::ArrayIntoIter::Item, N>&& array)


auto clone() const -> ArrayIntoIter<T, N>
sus::mem::Clone<Array<ItemT, N>>

sus::iter::ExactSizeIterator trait.

auto next() -> Option<sus::collections::ArrayIntoIter::Item>

sus::iter::Iterator trait.

auto next_back() -> Option<sus::collections::ArrayIntoIter::Item>

sus::iter::DoubleEndedIterator trait.

auto size_hint() const -> SizeHint

sus::iter::Iterator trait.