Namespace Subspace :: sus :: result

The Result type, and the ok and err type-deduction constructor functions.


  • A marker type for constructing Result with an Ok(void) value.



  • Compares two Results for their ordering if the types inside can be compared.

  • Compares two Results for equality if the types inside satisfy Eq.

Type Aliases

  • An Iterator that walks over at most a single Item.

  • ResultState
  • StoragePointer

Function Aliases

Concept Aliases

  • IsTrivialCopyAssignOrRef
  • IsTrivialCopyCtorOrRef
  • IsTrivialDtorOrRef
  • IsTrivialMoveAssignOrRef
  • IsTrivialMoveCtorOrRef
  • VoidOrEq
  • VoidOrOrd
  • VoidOrPartialOrd
  • VoidOrWeakOrd