Namespace Subspace :: sus :: prelude

Commonly used things that can be pulled into the global top level namespace. This is done by default when including the sus/prelude.h header.

If SUS_PRELUDE_NO_IMPORT is defined to be true the prelude will not be imported into the global top level namespace. Then the prelude can be manually brought into scope with using namespace sus::prelude;.


#include "sus/prelude.h"

int main() {
    auto v = Vec<i32>(1, 2, 3, 4, 5);
    return sus::move(v).into_iter().sum();

Type Aliases

  • The Option type.

  • A resizeable contiguous buffer of type T.

  • A 32-bit floating point type.

  • A 64-bit floating point type.

  • A 16-bit signed integer.

  • A 32-bit signed integer.

  • A 64-bit signed integer.

  • An 8-bit signed integer.

  • An address-sized signed integer.

  • A 16-bit unsigned integer.

  • A 32-bit unsigned integer.

  • A 64-bit unsigned integer.

  • An 8-bit unsigned integer.

  • A pointer-sized unsigned integer.

  • An address-sized unsigned integer.

Variable Aliases